Save the Critters Giant Panda Badge

Cub Cubs

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Giant Panda:   The rarest bear on the planet, the Giant Panda is not only absurdly adorable but is an adept climber despite their bulk. For this special badge, we are donating a portion of the proceeds to the World Wildlife Fund, one of the foremost protectors of endangered critters and for which Giant Panda has proudly played mascot since 1961.

Do your part to help Save the Critters!

Cub Cubs is dedicated in helping endangered and threatened species whose populations have been seriously harmed by poaching and irresponsible human activities.

The animals represented here are only a few of the species we have long held dear in our critter-loving hearts.

All of our badges are securely sewn with Velcro hook to make them the perfect companion for our Hook and Loop Hoodie™ and the adorable Little Critter Hoodie™

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