Autumn Equinox Badge Collection
Autumn Equinox Badge Collection

Cub Cubs

Autumn Equinox Badge Collection

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Autumn - it's our most favoritest time of the year, how about you?!

From the ancient Celtic-inspired Green Bear Autumn (taking a nod from the ancient visage of the green man, who represents the seasons of the year) to our Asian-inspired Rabbit Moon, this collection has everything your harvest season-loving heart could want.

Catch these limited edition goodies and celebrate Fall #wearyourheartonyoursleeve

Green Bear Autumn Edition - bear cubs, golden leaves, acorns, and berries come together for a way cool autumn vibe

Rabbit Moon 2021 - mooncakes and rabbits and glow in the dark patches, what more could a kid (or kid at heart) want?! 

Solstice Pack - Both of the above for the ultimate Autumn Solstice experience