Get Outside! Badge Pack

Cub Cubs

$ 30.00 

  • Get Outside! Badge Pack
  • Get Outside! Badge Pack
  • Get Outside! Badge Pack
  • Get Outside! Badge Pack
  • Get Outside! Badge Pack

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Get Outside!  This badge pack represents some of our favorite outdoor adventure choices.  Pop one of these badges on your hoodie and venture into the wild!

Sewn-on hook so you can attach to garment or gear with loop.

Each badge pack comes with the following 4 badges:  

Camp - Pull up a stump and warm up your marshmallow stick, it's time to Camp!  Our largest badge in the pack, measuring 2.7". Colors:  navy blue, brown and dark flame border, with bright stars. (please note this is version 2 of the Camp badge: smaller size and some small changes to thread colors)

Roam - This badge is an homage to the California Bear Flag featuring the one and only Cub.  This star-shaped badge measures 2.9" at it's widest point.  Colors:  Red, dark brown, tan and golden sunbeams

EXPLORE - "Exploration is the essence of the human spirit" - F. Borman, Apollo 8 astronaut  This badge measures 2.7". Colors:  dark brown, turquoise with fluffy white clouds

Ursa Major - Cub Sized - We are proud to have the design work of Patrick York Ma of Prometheus Design Werx for this utterly STELLAR badge!  Slight octagonal shape measures 2.5". 

"Ursa Major is made up of seven bright stars that together comprise one of the best-known constellations patterns in the the night sky. Also known as the "Big Dipper", it "pours into the North Star". This bit of classic wilderness lore will help you remember to find your way home. The stars and border are stitched with GID thread." - Prometheus Design Werx


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