Spooktacular 2020
Spooktacular 2020

Cub Cubs

Spooktacular 2020

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WE LOVE OCTOBER! Why you ask? The brisk air and the promise of tasty treats. What more could you want?

Well, perhaps these adorable badges to show off your ooky spooky spirit (get it, spirit?! hahaha)

Conejito Muerto - This year we are continuing with our celebration of Dia de Muertos with Conejito Muerto, bright and colorful with its very own tiny carrot accessory badge. Aaaand it's glowy!

I am the Darkness - Look at this fella, the cutest lil bad omen ever! Black cats rule, superstitions drool.

Patches are sewn securely with durable hook to attach to your favorite Hook & Loop Hoodie or rucksack.