Sweet Stuff Badge Collection
Sweet Stuff Badge Collection
Sweet Stuff Badge Collection

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Sweet Stuff Badge Collection

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 Ahh, the siren song of sugar and all things sweet!

In this new ongoing collection, the Sweet Stuff, we introduce two of our favorites. Look for more embroidered goodies in the coming months!

This limited edition collection features fully embroidered vibrant rayon threads and each badge measures approximately 3 inches tall.

Badge designs:

Two-badge Set: Includes one of each of the below badges

Green Gummy Bear: When candy meets cute, gummy bears have been a classic for as long as we can remember. 

Honeycomb: Buzz, buzz, buzz, we love the humble honey bee! This adorable bee is right at home on his multi-colored honeycomb.

All of our badges are securely sewn with Velcro hook to make them the perfect companion for our Hook and Loop Hoodie™ and the adorable Little Critter Hoodie™